We are well aware that people in the Polish country continue to have difficulty taking care of themselves effectively. We don’t know about healthy eating, and although we want to change something, it’s hard for us because we can’t find verified information anywhere. The same goes for physical activity or skin care. That’s why we’ve decided to gather all the most important information for you and put it on one page — here!

Maybe with our help you will be able to create a plan that will positively affect all areas of your life. Remember that there is a healthy spirit in a healthy body. It’s not just a small cliché that means nothing – it’s pure truth.

We will try to briefly outline what exactly we have prepared so that everyone knows if they will find the information they need here. However, we can assure you that we will deal with such different topics that you will definitely find something for yourself. You can always comment on a post and ask us to discuss a specific issue there – we will definitely come back to it later. We want everyone here to feel safe – this is where we ask and are not afraid to talk about our doubts.

Remember that everyone is perfect as he is, and if he wants to change something, there is no reason to be ashamed. We must be satisfied with ourselves and we do not need the consent of other people. See what you will find with us.

Healthy food

We will certainly try to explain very simply what healthy eating is. You will learn why you cannot starve and how many health consequences it can have. We don’t do it just-we know that many Polish women and men start their diet this way. Meanwhile, drastically reducing the amount of calories consumed is not the answer. Here you need balance and entry into the deficit – you are definitely wondering how varied and tasty food you can then continue to consume. Who knows, maybe we’ll even offer you some interesting recipes? It will be a department where everyone can find inspiration for themselves.

healthy-foodLet’s not forget about physical activity either, because there are usually even more questions. How many times should we train per week? What to wear, what to sign up for? At first, all this information may seem confusing to us, so we give up our efforts – we don’t want anyone to criticize and evaluate us. But you can’t look at it that way, because everyone started somewhere, right? You can train even in the 70’s or 80’s and it’s really beautiful.

General health tips

On our website, be sure not to miss various health tips that will not just tick your weight. We know that too many people in our country lack doctor visits and do not conduct research – we will tell you why this should change and what you can get. We also want to share our knowledge of useful products or processes that you can make at home. They will help you with your skin, hair or nails. One can really do a lot for oneself. All you need is desire and a little patience while waiting for the first results.

So what will you learn from us? We will definitely advise you on how to take care of your heart, joints and lungs. You can do it every day and it’s not hard at all. Remember that if you do something every day and remember regularity, it can bring better results than one-time manifestations of body care. I am sure that one of our tips will be useful for you and thanks to that you will strengthen your health.

Beauty care


We would also like to help women and men! – in proper care of your body. There are also tips on makeup and creating interesting hairstyles – which will surely interest women more. We make a lot of mistakes here – we buy cheap cosmetics and we don’t fit into our skin or hair type. Nothing is lost – such things are easy to fix and we can assure you that the changes will be apparent very quickly.

Remember that you do not need expensive procedures and constant visits to aesthetic medicine offices – you can take care of everything much cheaper and easier. We will tell you why sunbathing without a filter is a very bad idea and how you can use things in your kitchen to get smooth skin on your body. Gentlemen, they should also read our articles, because we cannot forget them – and proper care is very important, regardless of gender.

We hope you feel good with us-Welcome!